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Leaks & Adjustments


  • Leaks from the meter to the house are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Pleasant View Utility is not responsible for service lines.
  • If a leak has occurred the customer may request an adjustment to their bill as per the leak adjustment policy.
  • The customer must submit an official leak adjustment request form to the District office.
  • Water loss from a leak must result in a monthly water bill for which an adjustment is requested of at least five (5) times the average of the customer’s six (6) preceding monthly water bills.
  • The leak must have been concealed and not readily detectable by a reasonable person such as a leak in an underground water service line between the meter and the exterior of a building.
  • The customer must submit proof to the District that the leak has been located and repaired.
  • A leak must be repaired within 30 days of the due date of the bill which shows the customer has a water leak.
  • When a customer is notified of a leak by the District, the leak must be repaired within 30 days of receiving such notice.
  • An adjustment to a customer’s sewer bill will be made when the amount of water used to fill a swimming pool exceeds 5,000 gallons.
  • Only one adjustment will be given per year for filling of a swimming pool.
  • No adjustment will be made to the water portion of a customer’s bill for the filling of a swimming pool.
  • All water & sewer adjustments in excess of $500 must be brought to the District’s Board of Commissioners for consideration at the Board’s next regularly scheduled meeting.

Leak Request Form

Leak Adj Policy